last update July 11th, 2018

Item #32/17  Ipsen Gas Carburising Pusher Line / Charge dimension 370 x 560 x 600 mm / Line dimension 21000 x 9800 mm

Exclusive selling of Ipsen gas carburising pusher line consisting of:

– preoxidation furnace DL-56x37x60-8
– gas carburising furnace PP-2-56x37x60-44/6
– oil quenching bath  OQ-56x37x60-E
– three chamber post washing machine WPSSB-56x37x60-E
– tempering pusher DL-56x37x60-16-E
– endogasgenerator gas fired G-2000 G
– loading and transpirtation system

The system was used for rear-wheel-drive automobile automatic transmission parts carburising, with capacity for producing over 1,000 sets per day.

It is complete and is still installed in Australia.  It ceased operation in 2014 (SOP 2003).

Asking price € 1.250.000 net, ex-works

All technical characteristics at request per e-mail.

The user can disassembly & assembly the line for you at extra costs.

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Item #E009  Aqueous and hydrocarbon cleaning machine EMO VAIOCS 2

The real cleaner for a heat treatment shop: VAIOCS 2 made by the innovator of the vacuum cleaning technology EMO.

The patented VAIOCS technology is the trademark oft EMO Oberflächentechnik GmbH. The cleaning systems set standards worldwide when it comes to fine or ultra-fine cleaning with lowest values for residual contamination. By creating this process, EMO achieved a revolution in industrial parts cleaning. VAIOCS is the acronym for Vacuum Assisted Inorganic Organic Cleaning System that identifies a technology in which all cleaning steps are performed under vacuum and increased temperature conditions. Benefits: excellent cleaning results, fast drying without any residues.

Machine is used, but fully renovated by the manufacturer EMO, with new vacuum pump, all other pumps are new or renovated, new cabinet, new pneumatics and electrics  etc

Size 670x480x300 / load 150 kg / 6-8 loads per 1h
Utrasonic 1500W
7m loading table
Asking price € 145.000 net, ex-works SOLD!
Delivery time 2-3 Month

IMG 1809

Item #E007 Mahler Mesh Belt Furnace. Model DLMEB 300/120/2750. Suitable for annealing, tempering, brazing and MIM processes. N2/H2 atmosphere. Operating temperature of 1050C, maximum temperature of 1120C. Throughput capacity of 67,5 kg/hour. Belt width of 300mm, height above belt 120mm, heated length of 2750mm. electrically heated. Furnace was built in 1995 and fully renovated in 2004. Complete and in excellent condition. Includes spare parts such as heating elements and gaskets. Please ask for more details. Asking € 79.500

Item #E001 Ipsen/Elterma Vacuum Furnace. Built in 1988 this is a Ipsen/Elterma double-chamber horizontal vacuum furnace with gas and oil quenching type RVFOQ 424. Completely rebuilt, Nitrogen quenching 1.5 Bar.

  • Working dimensions of heating chamber – 610 x 910 x 460 mm
  • Maximum mass of charge – 400 kg
  • Nominal temperature – 1320º C
  • Thermocouples- type N
  • Material of heating elements – graphite
  • Insulation– Rigid graphite board 40mm thickness + graphite soft felt + CFC plate
  • All sealings are new
  • New water system
  • New hot zone
  • New transformer

Asking Price € 126.000 net. SOLD! Disassembly, transport, assembly and start-up at buyer’s site not included, but could be offered separately. Excellent condition.

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