This full-automated WICKERT press quenching line for automotive transmission components (wheels and rings) is current manufacturing standard in many automotive plants or hardening shops. WFH-3-300 is a 3-stage system with three loading bays. All parts are loaded by video supported robots and full automatic transferred between the stages. The line includes a pre-cleaning system removing coolant residues and machining chips. In pictured case 3 components are simultaneously transferred to a 6-stage rotary hearth carburizing furnace using a furnace manipulator. The furnace consists of 36 chambers with a total capacity of 648 parts loaded on hardening racks. Next station is the WICKERT quenching press with 300 kN clamping force of the press hardening tool. Loading, forming and press hardening, unloading and transfer to the hardening oil tank for the final cooling is performed automatically. Changing of pre-heated tooling system by an automatic tool exchange device at the very short time with high utilization rate and no downtimes (!). The components are finally cleaned in a 2-stage cleaning system with hardening oil recovery and tempered in the continuous furnace. After the final blasting process on a rotary blast machine the components are fed into the output buffer system. Full component tracking system. Orchestration and choreography made by Wickert Hydraulic Presses.

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