Company Country Product Type Strong Product Types
2000 Engineering Korea Thermal SQF, Wire annealing
Abbott USA Thermal Sintering Mesh Belts
ACE Furnace Company India Thermal
Adencon Industrial Furnaces Turkey Thermal / Vacuum Vacuum furnaces: HPGQ, Vertical Loaded, Temper
Advac Heat Treaters PVT India Vacuum Small Single chamber -10 bar
Advanced Corporation for Material & Equipment China Vacuum Special Horizontal Vac. / SinterHip
Advanced Vacuum Systems (AVS) Inc USA Vacuum Nuclear Special Vacuum
AFC-Holcroft LLC USA Thermal Sealed Quench / Pushers / Austempering
Aichelin Holding GmbH  Austria / Germany / China / Brazil/USA/India Thermal Sealed Quench / Gas Carb./ Pushers / Pit / Ring Hearth / Belt Type
Aichelin Unitherm Pvt India Thermal Sealed Quench / Pushers / Pit / Belt Type
Ajax Tocco Magnethermic USA / Canada / Mexico / China / Germany / Japan / Korea / UK Induction
ALD Dynatech India Vacuum LPC / VC
ALD France (TIV+FNAG) France Nitriding
ALD Vacuum Technologies GmbH Germany Vacuum LPC / VC
Alfing (Maschinenfabrik Alfing Kessler GmbH) Germany Induction Induction Machines for Crankshaftrs
Alhern Martin USA Thermal Mesh Belt Furnaces
ALM Industrial Furnace China Aluminum Melting/T6
ALSER TEKNİK SERAMİK Turkey Thermal Lab and Ceramic Furnaces
AMP Sp. z o.o. Poland Vacuum
ANTAL Hungary Thermal Forge/Car Bottom
Antares Ukraine, Vacuum EB melting
Applied Thermal Technology USA Vacuum Water Quench Vacuum Furnace
ARES (Member of SMS Furnace Technology) China Thermal Roller Hearth/Rotary
ARMIL C.F.S., INC USA Thermal Batch Furnaces
Associated Industrial Furnaces India Aluminum Coil Annealing/Billet
ATBIN MFG &Eng Iran Thermal / Aluminum Drop Bottom solution/bell
ATI furnaces France Thermal Car Bottom / Rotary/Batch
AVF Baoji Advanced Vacuum Furnace Industry Co. LTD China Vacuum Horizontal Standard Furnaces
AZ-Industrial  Furnaces China Aluminum Vertical Quench / Annealing
Bekaert Solaronics France, USA, Brasil, China, Indonesia Thermal Infrared furnaces and dryers
Beavermatic USA Thermal Sealed Quench / Tip-Up
Befay Makina Sanayi Veticaret Turkey Aluminum Aluminum/Melting
Beijing Hua Hai Zhong Yi China Vacuum Standard Vacuum
Beijing Huaxiang China Vacuum Vertical Palletizing Dies
Beijing Sevenstar China Vacuum High Vacuum Brazing
BemakTherm Industrial Furnaces Turkey Thermal/Aluminum Low Temp. Furnaces
Benco India Thermal Mesh Belts
Bharat Engineering Ind. India Thermal (AFC-H) Carburizing Furnaces
BMI Fours Industriel France Vacuum LPC
Borel Swiss AG Switzerland Thermal Standard Furnaces
Bosio (Aichelin Group) Slovenia Thermal Box/Pit
BRIMET China Vacuum/Thermal Vertical Thermal
BSN Thermprozesstechnik GmbH Germany Thermal Pre-Heating of Blanks for Press Hardening
BTU USA Thermal IR/Precision-MeshBelt/Metallization
Caltherm Ltd UK Thermal Industrial furnaces, ovens and dryers
Cambridge Vacuum Engineering (CVE) UK Vacuum Horizontal Vacuum
Can Eng International Furnace Ltd. Canada Thermal / Aluminum Mesh Belts / Basketless W.L BHTS/PAQ
Canefco Canada Thermal / Aluminum Annealing
Carbolite UK Thermal / Aluminum Box drop bottom
CEC USA Aluminum Sand removal/coil annealing
Centorr Vacuum USA Vacuum Lab /Nuclear tube/Sintering
Chaing Wen Enterp. Taiwan Thermal/Aluminum Drop Bottom/Copper
Changchun FAW China Thermal Pushers
Changzhou Kohand China Thermal Forging furnaces
Chongqing  Changjiang China Thermal/Aluminum Car forging/pusher
CHS Asia Thailand Thermal/Vacuum Sealed Quench / Vertical vacuum
Chugai Ro Japan / China / Taiwan / Indonesia / Thailand Thermal Continuous furnaces for carburizing / Al.  annealing
Cieffe Forni Industriali Italy / China Vacuum/Thermal Single chamber vacuum
CM Furnaces USA Vacuum/Thermal Box / Lab
CMI Industry USA Thermal Roller Hearth/Tilt top
Codere S.A. Switzerland Thermal Modular system
Cofi SpA Italy Thermal
Combustol Industria Brazil Vacuum/Thermal/Alum. Integral quench/Melting
Consarc / PV / T UK / USA/ China Vacuum Vacuum Melting/Al.  Brazing
Cremer Germany Thermal High Tem  Sintering
Custom Electric Furnace USA Thermal Box
DAEHAN ELECTRIC HEATING CO South Korea Thermal Aluminum Brazing
Daido  Steel Japan Thermal/Vacuum Roller hearth furnaces STC/Continuous Vacuum
Daiki Aluminum Industry Japan Aluminum Meting
Despatch USA / China / Germany Thermal Drop Bottom
Divine Tianjin China Thermal Carburizing pushers
Dongwoo Heat Treatment South Korea Thermal/Aluminum Continuous belt furnaces, CAB
Dotech GmbH Germany Thermal Sealed Quench /Pushers/M. belts
Dowa/BBI/High Temp Japan / India / China / Taiwan Thermal CryoTemper®
Drever/DIFurnace UK/USA Thermal Nuclear Tube continuous
Ebner Industrieofenbau GmbH Austria / China / USA / India Non-Ferrous Hydrogen Bell/ Continuous al. solution lines/Pusher/Muffle
ECM Technologies France Vacuum LPC multichamber
EFCO South Africa Thermal/Vacuum Furnaces for Glass Indust.
EFD Induction GmbH Germany Induction/Brazing
EISENMANN SE Germany / Brazil / USA / UK / France / India / China / Spain Thermal Continuous atm. Furnace Aluminium
Electric Furnace USA Thermal Continuous
ElectroHeat AB Sweden Atmosphere /Aluminum Batch furnace
Electromechanika Russia Vacuum/Thermal/Induction Titanium & Aluminium Treatment; Vacuum Oil Hardening; R&D Furnaces
Electrotherm Industry Israel Thermal Rotary Hearth / Magnesium
Elino Germany Thermal furnace Continuous hardening/MIM
Eliog Industrieofenbau GmbH Germany Thermal
Elnik USA Vacuum MIM furnaces
Eltro GmbH Germany Thermal Plasma Nitriding
EMA Indutec GmbH  Germany / China Induction
EMAG eldec Induction GmbH Germany Induction/Brazing
Emaye Tav Firinlari Imalati Turkey Aluminum Alumin. Batch.
Engineered Production Systems USA Thermal Water quench
Envita South Korea Thermal/Aluminum Rapid Al. Melting / Bell furnaces
Epcon USA Thermal / Vacuum Thermal ovens
FAW Jiaxin China Thermal Pushers / SQF
Fengdong China Thermal/Vacuum Sealed Quench / Vacuum furnaces
FESP SA Switzerland Thermal/Brazing For watch,  jewellery, medical industry
FK Industrieofenbau + Schutzgastechnik GmbH Germany Thermal
Fluidtherm Technology P Ltd India Thermal Sintering Mesh Belt
FORNOS JUNG LTDA Brazil Thermal Batch
Foshan Takasago Industrial Kilns Co.; Ltd China Thermal Continuous, batch and rotary furnaces
Foshan Younger China Thermal/Vacuum Gas / Vacuum Nitriding / pit
SAFED (Aichelin Group) Switzerland Thermal Continuous
Fuji Electronic Industry Japan Thermal/Vacuum Annealing / Brazing / Induction
Furnace Associates USA Thermal Box furnaces
Furnace Engineering Australia Thermal/Vacuum (Ipsen) Composite ovens / Nickel Sinter
Furnace EngineeringCompany New Zealand Aluminum Melting crucible / Glass
G. H. Induction GmbH Germany Induction
Gadda Industrie Srl. Italy Thermal/Aluminum Bogey and continues forging
Gasbarre Group Jl Becker/Sinterita, C.I. Hayes USA Thermal Sintering / Mesh Belt / Vacuum oil quench
Gautschi Engineering Switzerland / China Aluminum Annealing / Al. Melting
Gero Germany Vacuum/Thermal High Temp / Sintering /MIM
Gillespie & Powers USA Aluminum Melting
GM Enterp. USA Vacuum Sintering / vertical vacuum
Guangdong Kaixuan Vacuum China Vacuum Single chamber.
Guangdong Strong Metal China Thermal Hardening / Temper Mash belts
GUSU Electric Furnace China Thermal Mesh Belts
H. T. Solutions Italy Vacuum
HANWHA TECHM South Korea Thermal Ferrous Metal HT
Harper Intern. US Thermo Product High Temp / Graphitization
HEF Durferrit GmbH Germany Salt Bath Salt Bath, Carburizing, Carbonitriding, Nitrocarburizing, Hardening, Boriding, Tempering
High Heat Furnace Indust. Taiwan Thermal Pit, Batch
High Temp Furnaces (Dowa) India Thermal SQF, Pusher / CAAB / Mesh belt
Hind High Vacuum India Vacuum Standard and special vacuum
Hingassa Spain Thermal Pusher
Hirochiku Co., Ltd Japan / Thailand Thermal / Aluminum Efficient  aluminum melting
HOFMANN Germany Thermal Car bottom furnaces
Hornos Alferierff Spain Thermal Continuous furnace
Hou Torng Eng. Co. Taiwan Thermal Mesh Belt
HTF USA Thermal Box furnaces
Huisen China Thermal / Vacuum
IHI Machinery and Furnace
(Japan Hayes 2009)
Japan Vacuum Vacuum / LPC (Vacuum Oil) Hydrocarbon Degreaser
INDAID Engineers PVT India Thermal / Vacuum Bogie Hearth / SFQ / Vacuum
Inductoheat Europe GmbH Germany Induction
Industrieofen- & Härtereizubehör GmbH Unna Germany Thermal Hardening and annealing systems
Industrieofenbau Aue GmbH Germany Thermal Chamber, continuous, salt bath
Insertec Spain Thermal / Vacuum Die casting furnace
Institue for Ceramisc Kerammash Ukraine Thermal Gas Fired Strip Annealing
International Thermal Systems USA Thermal / Aluminum Box/Solution Heat / Car Bottom
IOB Industrieofenbau GmbH Germany Thermal Roller Hearth Continuous line
Ion Heat Advanced Processing Technology Columbia Thermal Hot Wall Ion Nitriding
Ionitech Bulgaria Thermal Ion Nitriding
IPC-Prompechi, Ltd Russia Thermal Batch furnaces
Ipsen International GmbH Germany / USA / Japan / China / India / Malaysia Vacuum / Thermal Vacuum / Standard Furnaces  LPC / SQF/ pushers
ITG Induktionsanlagen GmbH Germany Induction
IVA Germany Thermal Nitriding, Carburizing, Carbonitriding, Nitrocarburizing, Tempering, Annealing
Jiangsu ECCO Furnace China Thermal SQF / Pit / Pusher
Jilin Plate China Thermal Pusher furnaces
Keith Company USA Thermal Batch finances
KGO Germany Thermal Gas Nitriding
Kohnle (Wolfgang Kohnle Wärmebehandlungsanlagen GmbH) Germany/India Thermal Mesh Belt, Retort Mesh Belt Furnaces, Roller Hearth
Koyo Seiko Japan Vacuum Horizontal furnaces
Koyo Thermo Systems Japan Thermal / Aluminum Continuous hardening line
Kumagawa Japan Thermal Box furnaces
KV-Titan Russia Vacuum EB melting
KYK Japan / China Thermal line Aluminum Brazing
L&L Special Furnace USA Thermal Box High Temp
LAC Czech Republic Thermal Large car bottom
Lakshani Vacuum India Vacuum Vacuum Sintering
La Forni Tecnica Srl Italy Thermal Batch, continuous and nocolock brazing furnaces
Leeds and Northrup (JB Furnaces) UK Thermal Carburizing / Nitriding Pit
Lenzen ATT GmbH Germany Thermal
Lindberg Argentina Thermal SQF / Batch Carburizing
Linn High Therm Germany Thermal / Vacuum Box furnace / Lab
LOI Thermprozess GmbH Germany Thermal / Aluminum Roller Hearth / Hydrogen Bell / Al.Melting Double Chamber
Lucifer  Furnaces USA Thermal Box/Small oil quench
LW Furnaces USA Vacuum MIM/Sintering
Mahler Germany Thermal Continuous furnaces for brazing, annealing, hardening, sintering
Major Australia Aluminum Melting
Major Engineering Company Australia Thermal / Aluminum Aluminum / Melting
Marusho Denki Co., Ltd Japan Thermal High Temp. Sintering
MATTSA Mexico Thermal Sealed quench / pushers (AFC-Holcroft partner)
MEAPFORNI srl Italy Thermal, Vacuum for Steel and Aluminum, Hardening and Nitriding Full Range of Thermal & Vacuum Furnaces and Industrial Lines (Chamber, Roller, Conveyor, Continuous, Specialities)
Metaltrad Equipamentos Industriais Brazil Thermal/Vacuum Roller Hearth furnace
MIOBA Mitteldeutscher Industrie-Ofenbau GmbH & Co. Germany Thermal Chamber and Continuous  Hardening, Carburizing, Tempering and Annealing
MT Forni Industriali Italy Thermal / Glass Batch / Bell
Nabertherm GmbH Germany Thermal Tempering, annealing, hardening and quenching, solution annealing, forging, curing, preheating, drying, ageing
Nachi Fujikoshi Corp. Japan Thermal / Vacuum Sealed Quench / Vacuum washers
Nakal Russia Thermal Catalytic Nitriding
Nakanihon-Ro Kogyo Japan Vacuum Batch line
Nanjing Changjiang Furnace China Thermal / Aluminum Basketless Wheel Line
Narita Techno Co., Ltd Japan Thermal / Aluminum Small Solution
NIANDA China Thermal / Aluminum Continuous Al. HT / Mesh Belts
Nihon Techno Japan Vacuum Horizontal Vacuum furnace
Nitred Spe LLC Russia Thermal Nitriding / Carburization
Nitrex Metal Inc. Canada / Poland / China Thermal Control Gas Nitriding
Nolzen (A. Nolzen Industrieofebau GmbH & Co. KG) Germany Thermal
Olson Industries USA Thermal Car Bottom / Sintering
OOKSAN South Korea Thermal Ferrous metal HT / Carburizing
Oriental Engineering Japan Thermal / Vacuum SQF / Vacuum
Otto Junker Germany / Czech Republic Aluminum Jet Heating coil annealing / melting al.
PADELTTHERM GmbH Germany Thermal Hardening, Annealing, Tempering , Carburizing, Nitriding
Park Thermal Intern. Canada Thermal Box furnace
Peer Energy GmbH Germany Thermal Sealed Quench
PlaTeG Germany Thermal Plasma Nitriding
PowerMax China/Taiwan Thermal Sealed Quench
Premier Furnace Specialists USA Thermal Batch
Prestige Thermal South Africa Thermal / Vacuum Walking beam furnaces
Proterm Termal USA Thermal / Vacuum Rebuilds/Hot zones
PT Win Electroindo Indonesia Thermal / Vacuum Al. Melting / Continues
PVA Tepla Germany Thermal Ion Nitriding
Pyradia Canada Thermal Drop Bottom
Pyromaitre Canada Thermal Rapid tempering / stress reliving
PZP Komplet Czech Republic Vacuum Vacuum Degassing
RAD CON USA Thermal Hydrogen Bell
Remix S.A Poland Thermal / Aluminum Melting / Galvanizing line
Retech LLC USA Melting Furnaces PAM,EB,VIM,VAR
RGB UK Thermal Nitriding/ small  AL melting
Rogers USA Thermal Aluminum Brazing
ROHDE Schutzgasöfen GmbH Germany Thermal Pit / Gas Ion Nitriding furnace
Rozai Kogyo Kaisha Japan Thermal / Aluminum Cont. Coil annealing
Rubig GmbH Austria / Slovakia / USA Thermal / Vacuum Plasma Nitriding/HPQ
RURASERO KOGYO Japan Thermal Carburizing Batch
SABE FORNI S.R.L. Italy Thermal Brazing & Sintering Continuous, Aluminium Treatment
SAC South Korea Thermal / Aluminum LPC Pusher / Aluminum Process
SAET S.p.A. Italy Induction
Salar Mfg. USA Vacuum Large vacuum for Ti.
San Yung Taiwan/China Thermal Mesh belt for fasteners
Sanken Sangyo Japan/Indonesia Thermal and Melting Die casting furnaces
SARNES ingenieure GmbH & Co KG Germany Thermal Sintering Mesh belts/MIM
Schlager Industrieofenbau GmbH Germany Thermal
Schmetz Germany Vacuum Hardening / Brazing
Schmitz Apelt Argentina Thermal Batch
Schwammberger (Hermann Schwammberger Industrieofenbau) Germany Thermal Continuous furnaces for brazing, annealing, hardening, sintering
Schwartz GmbH Germany Thermal Jet heating
Sciprotec Industrial Plant Engineering GmbH Germany Thermal / Aluminum
SECO/WARWICK S.A Poland / China Vacuum / Thermal Vacuum / CAB
Sellacan Industrieofen GmbH Germany Thermal CAB Brazing Furnaces, Annealing Furnaces and Dryers
Selas USA Thermal Car bottom
SET France Aluminum Drop Bottom
Shanghai Advanced Metallurgical Technology (Samt) China Vacuum Custom Design Vacuum
Shanghai Chenhua Electric China Thermo Reheat furnaces
Shanghai Zhongjia China Thermal Roller hearth / Mesh belts/Box
Sheaffer USA Aluminum Casting / Melting alum.
Simuwu/Shenyang Hengjin  (HJZK) China Vacuum Vacuum sintering
Shenyang Jiayu China Oil quench
Shenyang Vacuum Technology China Vacuum
Shimadzu Mectem Japan Vacuum MIM and Superhard Alloy HT
SHIVANG FURNACES AND OVENS PVT LTD India Thermal Continuous furnace
Shoryoku China Thermal Aluminum Brazing (CAB)
Signature Vacuum USA Vacuum Vacuum Melting
Simplicity India Vacuum Brazing Horizontal
Simuwu/Shanyang Honjiang Vacuum Tech China Vacuum
Sinfonia Technology Company Ltd Japan Thermal Strip Annealing
Sistem Makina Turkey Thermal Steel & Aluminum Industry
Sistem Technik Turkey Thermal / Vacuum Roller Hearth / Vacuum HPQ Nitriding LP.
SMS Elotherm GmbH Germany Induction
SMSTechnologies India Thermal/Nonferr. melting Pot Furnaces
SMT Maschinen- und Vertriebs Gmb Germany Thermal Reflow soldering
Snijstaal BV Netherlands Thermal
Solar USA Vacuum
Solo Swiss Group Switzerland / China Thermal Atmosphere Furnaces 
Souzhou Guso Electric Furn. China Thermal Mesh Belt
SRS Industrieofenbau GmbH & Co. KG Germany Thermal Industrial Furnaces
Stein Heurtey Spain Thermal Roller Heart / Rototherm
Steremat Elektrowärme GmbH Germany Induction
Surface Combustion Inc. US / Canada Thermal / Vacuum Sealed Quench / Roller H /
Suzhou Boneng Furnace China Aluminum Melting
Suzhou Minsheng Electric Xian Minsheng Electro -Heating China Thermal/Aluminum Pit / Drop Bottom
Suzhou Xin Ling Electric China Thermal Mesh Belts
Suzhou Zhenwu Electric Furnace China Vacuum Vacuum Melting
Suzhou Zhongmenzi Tech. Co China Thermal / Aluminum SQF / Al. Melting / Al. Log Pusher
SysThermS Germany Vacuum HPQ horizontal
Takasago Industry Co.,Ltd Japan Thermal Continuous, batch and rotary
Tainan Chin Chang Electrical Co Taiwan Thermal Pit
TAV SpA. Italy Vacuum Sintering / Aerospace applications
Technotherma India (Pvt) Ltd. India Thermal / Vacuum LPC, Brazing, Vacuum Brazing, Hardening, Nitriding
Tecno Induzione s.r.l. Italy Induction
The Electric Furnace New Zealand Thermal / Non Ferrous Melting / Galvanizing line
Therelec Engineers India Thermal / Vacuum
Thermal Technology USA Vacuum Sapphire melting / SPS
Thermax Argentina Thermal Batch
Thermconcept Germany Thermal / Aluminum Box and retort pit furnaces
Thermocraft USA Thermal / Vacuum High Temp Vacuum
Thermotec Israel Thermal / Vacuum Batch / Vertical
Thermotic Services Switzerland Thermal Thermal furnaces
Thorpe Technologies Inc. USA Aluminum Alum. Melting
Tlon Technical (Wuxi) China Thermal furnace Pit furnace
TM -Vacuum USA Vacuum Lab and high temp Vacuum
Tokyo Furnace Industry Japan Thermal / Non ferrous Die-casting
Toyo Ro Japan Thermal Mesh belts
Trent Inc USA Thermal Box furnace / Lab
Triad Engineering India Thermal Atmosphere Furnaces
TUKI Hungary Thermal / Aluminum Annealing
Ultra Furn South Africa Thermal Box furnace
Ulvac Japan Vacuum Continuous Vacuum Furnace
Umega AB Lithuania Thermal Lab and box furnace
Unitherm India Thermal Gas Carburizing
Uttis  Industries Romania Thermal Box and continues forging
Vac Aero Canada Vacuum Vertical furnaces / oil quench
Vac Long Industrial Co., Taiwan/China Vacuum MIM, Sintering, Hot Press
Vincent Vacuum Tech Co. Ltd. Taiwan/China Vacuum
Wellman  UK UK Thermal Spare parts
Wellman  USA USA Thermal Roller hearth
Welmech India Thermal SQF
WENDEL-TEC GmbH Germany Thermal Small size furnaces
Wesman India Thermal / Aluminum Rotary Hearth
Wienstroth Wärmebehandlungstechnik GmbH Germany Thermal Industrial Furnaces
Williams Industrial Services USA Thermal Sealed Quench
Wisconsin Oven USA Thermal
Wistra France / Germany / India / China / Romania Thermal
WMU Germany Thermal / Vacuum Continuous furnaces for brazing, annealing, hardening
Wuxi Green Heat -Treatment China Thermal Mesh Belts
Xian Aojie Electric China Thermal Aluminum Brazing (CAB)
Yanchegshi Kangjie China Thermal Aluminum Brazing (CAB)
Zentech USA Thermal Large Car Bottom
Zhingshan Kaixiuan Vacuum China Vacuum Annealing

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