The Global Heat Treatment Network is a global network organization of more than 80 Heat Treatment Experts worldwide.
The organization exists since 2008. The members are all kind of “hands on” heat treat professionals, engineers, equipment designers, metallurgists, scientists, CEO’s, Presidents & General Managers, experienced heat treat shop managers, supervisors & operators, advisors & consultants.

Global Heat Treatment Network supports the customers and partners in all areas of heat treatment:

  • In their decision making processes
  • In their equipment selection – on an independent and impartial way
  • With market analysis, business development & strategy support
  • In set up & optimization of heat treatment processes & heat treatment equipment
  • With the analysis of defects & damages, in problem solving & solution development
  • With design support for furnace manufacturers
  • In modernization of furnaces and equipment
  • In case of production emergency, including selection of alternative suppliers
  • With outsourcing of client’s heat treatment activities
  • With appraisals and outsourcing of idle/obsolete equipment
  • With trainings & seminars
  • Solving HR problems incl. people search, employees selection and outsourcing
  • Support in PPAP, CQI-9, NADCAP procedures

This website should be seen as the Worldwide Exchange & Communication Platform for the Global Heat Treatment Community, for equipment manufacturers, component suppliers, commercial heat treat shops, service, repair & maintenance enterprises, spare part suppliers, consulting companies and all their clients. It should be used as RFQ platform for the heat treaters and for the industry searching for commercial heat treat services worldwide.

Global Heat Treatment Network policy is to collect and build up this ultimate data base of heat treatment industry.
Global Heat Treatment Network aims to serve, expand technical knowledge and improve heat treatment globally.
Global Heat Treatment Network is not a company or corporation.
Global Heat Treatment Network is a global network of individual persons and consulting companies.
On Global Heat Treatment Network website listed companies and all advertisers  are not our members.

April 2014



Region Score* Market Direction**
North America 6 +
European Union 8 <->
Russia 2
Southeast Asia 6 <->
India 6 <->
China 4 <->
South America 3
Australia 5 <->
Africa 0 0

*Score 0 to 10 (0 no activities – 10 very active)
**Market Direction stable <-> / activities increasing + / activities decreasing –


North America:
Stable industries: automotive, aerospace, defense
Slowing down industries: steel, oil & mining
Mexico slowing down, most of investments for US market on idle! Trump effect

European Union:
Growing industries: aerospace, powder metal
Slowing down: automotive

Russia: continuously slowing down economy (suffering under western sanctions), new developments missing, military investments only

Southeast Asia:
Growing industries: tools, dies, titanium, medical, commercial heat treating

Growing industries: military, tooling

China: stable, car industry recovering

Australia: slowing down mining sector


World Bank Assessment: Overall, global growth is expected to rise in 2015 to 3.0 percent, and to be sustained at 3.2-3.3 percent in 2016-17. This should be supported by continued recovery in the United States, a gradual acceleration of activity in the Euro Area, and receding headwinds to growth among slower growing developing regions.   The slowdown in China could turn into a disorderly unwinding of financial vulnerabilities with considerable implications for the global economy.


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