The basic and always valid principle of industrial cleaning is only one: „the like dissolves and removes the like”, i.e. non-polar (organic) contamination such as oils (processing, preserving), fats, greases, paraffin, adhesives, resins and petroleum compounds can be removed using only non-polar cleaning media such as chlorinated, halogen-free hydrocarbons and modified alcohols. Polar (inorganic) contamination such as salts, soaps, emulsions, coolants, polishing pastes and protective paints, traces of dirty hands, dust, scale, rust, grinding, abrasive and blasting residues as well as the chips themselves may be removed only with aqueous solutions and only in a very narrow range of modified alcohols but never with hydrocarbons. By contrast, to a large extent all kinds of grease can be removed with aqueous solutions, but not all of them. 
When using either aqueous or solvent-based cleaning systems, no matter with what support (ultrasonic or Cyclic Nucleation Process CNp), we always leave either organic or inorganic contamination on the cleaned pieces. The question then arises: how to achieve the highest cleanliness needed in heat treatment technology before vacuum carburizing, vacuum treatment and all nitriding processes.
VAIOCS = Vacuum Assisted Inorganic Organic Cleaning System
SOLVACS = Solvent Vacuum Assisted Cleaning System

Chamber sizes:  610x910x910, 760x1220x760, 760x1220x910, 910x1220x910, 400x1050x1050, 800x910x910, 1900x1000x1050 and additional special sizes
Manual loading                                                     
Operated by furnace manufacturer’s automatic loading system
The biggest
The smallest
This continuous in-line automatic vacuum cleaning machine could be integrated in roller, continuous, mesh belt or pusher furnace lines. Out of the hardening and in to the tempering furnace. Automatic loading. Vacuum 2 Tanks hydrocarbon cleaning & vacuum drying. Load size 350 kg. Process time 7,7 minutes! Ideal for bearing industry, fastener manufacturers etc.
Hybrid cleaning results with perfect spot free surface vs. hydrocarbon cleaning in a conventional system with spots (top)

Hybrid cleaning results with perfect spot free surface vs. aqueous cleaning in a conventional system with spots (below)
BEYOND is the new logical step. Extremely fast, spot free and suitable to clean both organic and inorganic contaminants. Ideal for a variety of common cleaning tasks where every second counts. Provides new possibilities between conventional use of solvent or aqueous cleaning in separate systems and the combined use of these media in a HYBRID system.
Safety system
Safety system
Safety system

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